Carolina Friends School’s Ultimate team will be hosting fun day of Ultimate on December 14th! CFS is the reigning Southern Regional High School Ultimate Champion and has been one of the strongest High School Ultimate programs recently, playing in the last three State tournament finals, winning the past two.

Schedule: We’ll start with a clinic in the morning.  We’ll have great coaching from high school players.  As a bonus, we’ll also have former CFS players who have joined several top college teams across the country.  After a mid-day break, we’ll play a tournament with CFS players coaching teams created 'hat tournament' style. (The…

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Lindsey Hack
Sep 27, 2014
Morrisville, NC

Restructuring Summer League

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The Triangle Youth Ultimate League has grown considerably since the start of our first summer league in the summer of 2008.  Back then, we were simply looking to provide opportunity for play to any youth who wanted to get their hands on a disc, beginner or veteran, and there ended up being 94 youth players in that first year.  Fast forward to 2014 and we witnessed 350+ summer league registrations.  it has become obvious that large groups of players are looking for different things fromtheir summer league experience.  Some want to learn the game for the first time, some want to…

Dear Ultimate Community,

First, for those that do not feel the need to read this entire statement, please feel free to read our summary (located in the beginning and end of this statement).  If you have questions after reading the summary, please read the entire statement, then if you still have questions please do not hesitate to email


  •          USA Ultimate has ordered the disbandment of Saga at the HS States and Regionals (Southerns) level.  High schools represented on those teams must form their own teams at their respective high schools with a maximum of 5 pickup players…

Fall Brawl Field Map

Teams are set and can be viewed here.

The schedule is set and can be viewed here.

Game Format
As mentioned in the previous post we will be experimenting with 5v5 play and slightly smaller fields for the Middle School division. Each round will be 90 minutes long, but in order to have breaks between each game we will have a soft cap on at 60 minutes and a hard cap on at 70 minutes. This should allow at least 15-20 minutes between games. Games will be played to 9, win by 2, hard point cap at 11. Half will…

TYUL Fall Brawl Middle School Division registration will be closed at Midnight on Wednesday, September 17th.